This document is intended to provide general information. The information in this white paper shall not be used as investment advice or solicitation to buy or sell in any form. This white paper does not contain any information or instructions that may be considered as an investment proposal, or as a basis for a desired investment, product or solution. The provision of LQD on the platform is not for speculative purposes, but for the adoption as a utility token required for usage of the LiQuiD Prime De-Fi platform.
LiQuiD Prime (LQD) is provided as a reward for participation as a node, constituting the blockchain ecosystem, within the platform. The purchase of LiQuiD Prime (LQD) and nodes is an agreement to form the basis of the ecosystem as an early contributor to the blockchain ecosystem, promoted by the LiQuiD Prime Foundation. Receiving LiQuiD Prime (LQD) within the platform, is not an investment in securities by LiQuiD Prime (LQD), but participation in the form of support and contribution for the distribution of utilities on the LiQuiD Prime De-HF platform, in addition to the formation of a sound DAO and does not confer legal status on legal entities. Prior to purchasing LiQuiD Prime (LQD) and nodes, we strongly recommend conducting a meticulous review of the whitepaper and all related documentation, including the aforementioned purchase agreements.
Accordingly, the acquisition of LiQuiD Prime (LQD) in any recognizable form does not confer any right or influence on the LiQuiD Prime entity to the purchaser. Solely the right to participate in decision-making as a member of the DAO and attributable only to the smart contract. Anyone wishing to purchase LiQuiD Prime (LQD) must be aware of the business of LiQuiD Prime De-HF. However, depending upon the stage of business development of the platform, if necessary, legal rights may be provided with approval from regulatory agencies, in each country.
This White Paper may be subject to revision due to new regulations and compliance requirements of applicable laws in all jurisdictions. In such a case, both the buyer of LiQuiD Prime (LQD) and the node, and anyone wishing to purchase LiQuiD Prime (LQD), the LiQuiD Prime Foundation and all other affiliates may lose, directly or indirectly, from any sudden change in the value of LQD due to such changes. Aforementioned individuals must understand and acknowledge that we are not responsible for any damages in any form.
Prospective purchasers of LQD, considering the contribution of the LiQuiD Prime (LQD) ecosystem, acknowledge and understand that the platform does not provide any guarantees that it will be able to achieve its fullest expectations. Therefore, excluding international misconduct or gross negligence, we acknowledge and understand that we are not liable for any loss or damage that may or may not arise from the inability to use the platform and services, including the LiQuiD Prime Foundation and its employees, in ensuring the success of the project. The LiQuiD Prime team will endeavor to do its utmost to develop and launch the Decentralized Hedge Fund platform according to the roadmap.