3.1. Fund Investment universe

The portfolio will be continually diversified between digital and traditional assets and depending on the product, the investment committee determines specific product weightings, enhancing diversification and optimal balancing. This is achieved through a daily 'active' decision-making process.
Determining factors include, but are not limited to, specific asset class risks, known within the market as “risk on” or “risk off”, inter-asset correlation changes, global geopolitics, projected macro-capital market flows as well as the performance of specific assets within the Fund.
The digital investment world consists of 3>10 of the worlds highest volume traded Cryptocurrencies as determined by; the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) or industry leading Crypto Exchanges, as determined by the Investment Committee and Advisory Board. This facilitates an environment of heightened regulatory oversight of Liquidity, enforcement of best practices, uninterrupted institutional level liquidity, enabling efficient operation of algorithms to capitalize on micro and macro price action, regardless of market direction or short-term or long-term trends.