1.1. What is LiQuiD Prime De-Fi?

This LQD project is a De-Fi project in the field of decentralized fund structure that utilizes blockchain technology for all investment activities of investors’ investment assets, including De-Fi. Stakeholders participating in this crypto fund platform will contribute to the ecosystem, fulfill the promise of allowing participants to receive rewards, and share in the responsibility for maintaining the ecosystem.
In addition, investors record their investment details on the block chain, decentralize the investment contract itself, discount future profits to the present value, issue and resell this investment activity as an NFT. This is a new concept that has not previously been attempted. The LQD ecosystem is a decentralized autonomous organization. DAO’s market participants create a win-win financial utopia where all participants have the opportunity to succeed through rational decision-making, providing equal opportunities to all participants in a crypto hedge fund, as opposed to being controlled by specific individuals or groups. Our objective is to construct an innovative decentralized fund management system based on the most essential feature of blockchain, namely decentralization.