5.1. Fund Curation

5.1.1. Fund classification

The basic composition of Liquid Prime's fund is as follows.
Name of Fund
Investment Universe
Investment Method
Regulated Financial Instrument.
ALPHA token is proof of contract Invest in traditional investment products, but you can trade ALPHA as proof of investment.
It is directly invested in the invested fund products and invested in security tokens for individual investment targets for each investment portfolio.
NFT Project
BETA provides stable annuity type returns from the investment amount deposited into the fund.
BETA is an annuity fund that provides APY through a fixed rate of return notification method regardless of the time of entry into investment.
Quantitative Rules Based Strategy products
META uses Quant trading techniques.
META SMA(Separately Managed Account) The return on investment is different for each entry period.
The investment procedure allows you to invest in the investment product through the De-Fi service.