LQD, as a De-Fi project, will take over the role of the foundation by voting at the general meeting. Although there are some shortcomings as a DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in the meaning of a perfect dictionary at the beginning of the project, we aim to develop it so that all decision-making can be decentralized by securing masternodes.

8.1.1. General Assembly (DAO)

The initial investment decision for this project is made as a shareholder of the corporation. In the future, LQD will allow everyone to participate freely, and anyone who holds LQD tokens can become a board member. This means that as the business of this project matures, the voting rights of this general meeting will have a higher real value, and this real value will be implemented as the value of the LQD token, which plays a key role in the economy of this project.
  1. 1.
    Node selling price change
  2. 2.
    Node dividend ratio of platform management fee income
  3. 3.
    Approval/rejection of onboarding of new Master Node (Board of Directors)
  4. 4.
    Selection and withdrawal of investment targets: Fund review and approval and withdrawal of sales
  5. 5.
    Asset allocation including profit distribution
  6. 6.
    Decision-making on changing node policy criteria etc

8.1.2. Voting Right Only

1LQD has one voting right. Any decimal place less than 1 is disqualified from voting. Voting rights are activated by staking in the LiQuiD Prime wallet.

8.1.3. Voting Restrictions

Founder nodes cannot vote on the selection of fund investment targets. Due diligence is implemented in all project onboarding processes regarding the special relationship between the investment target and the fund manager node, and if the community has an interest, the voting right of the fund manager master node is invalidated.

8.1.4. Resignation or withdrawal from the BOD

If you request to return the reserve amount to withdraw from the board of directors, you will lose your qualifications as a director and will pay after deducting 10% of the withdrawal fee. The deduction will be burned. However, withdrawal is not permitted during product operation, and in this case, the rights may be transferred under agreement with other board members to protect the ecosystem and investors.

8.1.5. New Master Node

The new Master Node decides whether to approve the new masternode through the decision of the board of directors.