2.1. A Decentralized Hedge Fund

Hedge Funds have always been the envy of retail investors. Liquid Prime is a decentralized project with DAO operation providing De-HF services attached. Among the many characteristics of blockchain technology, it is possible for anonymous people to own the rights to a specific business. LQD Token is used as a governance token in Liquid Prime’s DAO.
The fair distribution of Liquid Prime platform’s revenue through Node qualification is a very important strategy for Liquid Prime to form a DAO.
As a reward policy for early entry, the following Node qualification standards are gradually increasing. After that, the number of ALPHA tokens required to be qualified for 1 Node will increase, so the more ALPHA token holders acquire Node qualifications, the higher the value of the existing Node will be.
To invest in the ALPHA, BETA, META Fund, USDT should be deposited, and the fund operator issues ALPHA, BETA, META, a fund token equal to the investment amount, pays the investor, and burns the equivalent value of LQD at this time. As Liquid Prime's AUM increases, the fund manager's LQD will continuously decrease, so it is designed to ultimately move toward complete decentralization.